Lynne Maas

I am Lynne Maas and I grew up in the Randstand. I came into contact with horses through my mother and sister. The ‘virus’ has hit me hard, and my hobby got quite out of hand. In my youth I was very successful with the pony Floreth’s Miracle. With this pony I followed lessons at Hans Bernoski.

Through Hans the horse Luciano crossed my path. I trained this horse until the “ZZ-licht’ level. After that one of my current top horses, Salo, came on to my path. With this horse I became Dutch Champion several times, and we have won multiple big competitions.

Because Salo was injured, my focus shifted to my other horses, Uranium W and Zamora. With Zamora I became 7th at the World Championship of young horses. Later on we became Dutch Champions in the levels M1, Z2, ZZ-Licht and ZZ-Zwaar.

Meanwhile my life has changed drastically. I competed in my first Grand Prix with Zamora when I was 3.5 months pregnant with my son Brent. My horses moved to Zeeland (the Netherlands) and I picked up riding again with my fiancé Laurens van Lieren. My future plans, besides being a mommy, are to compete in the Grand Prix successfully. Next to my parents, I am very grateful that La Valencio is my sponsor. Thanks to them I can always be well dressed on my horses.

The La Valencio clothing is not only hip and trendy but is also really comfortable. The fit of the breeches is very good due to the elastic that’s in it. For me it is important that you look good on the horse, but it also has to be comfortable.